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Anglian Water serves communities and businesses in one of the driest regions in the country, receiving a 1/3 less of the rainfall in the UK, and less rainfall than some areas of Spain.  Winters are becoming drier and Summers becoming hotter; the demand for water is becoming greater, therefore it is more important to Love Every Drop and save water where we can.  If everyone makes small changes at home or work, together we can make a real difference.


Anglian Water domestic customers use an average of 136 litres of water a day. Some of this is wasted through things like inefficient appliances or dripping taps/leaky loos and unnecessary excessive uses of water.


Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Services is working with Anglian Water to encourage residents to save water at home.


Throughout the campaign, we will be running competitions with some exciting prizes, issuing a monthly newsletter with water saving tips, encouraging people to take the shorter shower challenge, we will have some water saving aids to give away, and we will be working with community groups and organisations to spread the “love every drop” message.


Find out more from Anglian Water about how you can help us Love Every Drop.

Just by turning off your tap when you brush your teeth in the morning and shortening your shower by 1 minute you can save up to 27 litres of water. That’s enough for 80 cups of tea each – a simple saving we can all make.

Did you know:
97% of the world’s water is too salty to drink.

2% is locked up in ice caps and glaciers

Only 1% is suitable to be cleaned for drinking.

A leaking toilet wastes between 215 and 400 litres of clean drinking water on average every day. It’s like having a couple of extra people using water in a home!

If you want to check if your toilet is leaking, get in touch (email below) and we will put a free leaky loo tablet in the post to you.

Boston Children’s Water Saving Competition Results!

We recently held a competition for children ages 4-11 to create a poster and demonstrate the importance of saving water at home.

Our thanks to Stickney C of E Primary School, Boston St. Mary’s R.C. Academy and Kirton Primary School for their lovely entries into the Children’s Poster Competition. The children have come up with lots of important messages around using water wisely.

Below are some of the entries:

The competition has now concluded and the winner has been declared, to read more please read the Press release here.

To sign up for our Water Saving newsletter or to find out more, please email:


We are all in this together – let’s all save water.  Anglian Water is doing its bit – its leakage monitoring system is one of the largest in the UK.  They have highly trained leakage detection technicians using the latest technology.  They are repairing around 30,000 leaks every year, many within 24 hours.

You can report a leak to Anglian Water here:

You can also find out about any incidents in your area here:

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