Anglian Water Love Every Drop Project

Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service (LCVS) is working with Anglian Water to encourage residents to save water at home.
Anglian Water serves communities and businesses in one of the driest regions in the country, receiving a 1/3 less of the rainfall in the UK, and less rainfall than some areas of Spain. Winters are becoming drier and Summers becoming hotter; the demand for water is becoming greater, therefore it is more important to Love Every Drop and save water where we can.  If everyone makes small changes at home or work, together we can make a real difference. Anglian Water domestic customers use an average of 136 litres of water a day. Some of this is wasted through things like inefficient appliances or dripping taps/leaky loos and unnecessary excessive uses of water.

Throughout the campaign, we will be running competitions with some exciting prizes, issuing a monthly newsletter with water saving tips, encouraging people to take the shorter shower challenge, we will have some water saving aids to give away, and we will be working with community groups and organisations to spread the “love every drop” message.





Find out more from Anglian Water about how you can help us Love Every Drop.

Get a Bath Buoy!

Inflatable bath toy to reduce the amount of water needed for a childs bath

Get a Shower Head!

Shower head – Flow point – reduces the amount of water from the shower

Get a Leaky Loo Dye Tablet!

For checking to see if a toilet is leaking – the tablets are put into the toilet cistern to see if dye runs into the toilet pan

Get a Gunk Pot!

For pouring cooking fat into and disposing off appropriately rather than pouring down the drains

Get a Strainer!

For putting onto plug holes to capture debris and prevent it from going  down the drain and clogging up the pipes

You can report a leak to Anglian Water here:

You can also find out about any incidents in your area here:

To sign up for our Water Saving newsletter or to find out more, please email:


We are all in this together – let’s all save water.  Anglian Water is doing its bit – its leakage monitoring system is one of the largest in the UK.  They have highly trained leakage detection technicians using the latest technology.  They are repairing around 30,000 leaks every year, many within 24 hours.


we recently asked the public on social media for water saving tips and in return they won a choice of our many awesome water saving giveaways.
Below are some of the great tips that we received!


Water Saving Tips:

  • Bottle the running water whilst waiting for it to get hot – then use for watering plants.
  • Save all our rainwater to feed our chickens.
  • Using condenser drier water for cleaning and watering plants.
  • Cutting shower time will help the environment.
  • Save even more water by cutting down meat consumption. Animal agriculture uses a lot of water in production which all adds to your carbon footprint.
  • I have just switch to showers, as prefer a soak in the bath.
  • Shower timers are a very good idea, showers save a lot of water rather than taking a bath. People tend to spend too much time in showers and that water could be used for the next shower.  I try to limit by listening to a tune, but a timer would be easier to monitor.
  • Put a brick in your water cistern.
  • I put a small pop bottle full of water in the toilet cistern. It stops you from flushing a full cistern full of water.
  • Know where your internal stop tap is – it could help save more than water, it could save, it could save your home from considerable damage in an emergency (especially as we head into colder weather).
  • Share a shower and get to know your neighbours a bit more!!
  • Use the smallest saucepan needed when cooking vegetables.
  • Don’t leave the tap running when cleaning your teeth.
  • I always use the water from my washing up to water my plants just like my nan used to.
  • Bath the kids together, only wash a full load, reuse water where possible, only flush a poo.
  • Don’t fill the washing up bowl full for just a few dishes, only half fill it.
  • When running a tap for hot water don’t let it go down the sink, save for watering plants or filling the kettle. Keep a jug nearby so you don’t forget.
  • Catch rainwater in a water butt and use to water plants, wash cars and wndows.
  • Use the water from cooking your vegetables to make gravy – saves water and tastes amazing.
  • Use any ‘used’ water such as veg water, dirty dish water, tumble dryer water, to water your plants.
  • Share a bath.
  • We only boil as much water as we need when making tea. We also always throw washing up water on garden plants, and never use a garden hose.
  • I follow wartime advice – no more than 2” in the bath – water reaches hand knuckle


    The most important part is that we are not finished yet!
    Over the coming weeks we will be posting plenty more opportunities for you to receive free goodies to help save water and help better our environment, so do keep an eye on our  Facebook and Twitter and be sure to follow so you can stay up to date with our posts.

Boston Children’s Water Saving Competition Results!

We held a competition for children ages 4-11 to create a poster and demonstrate the importance of saving water at home.

Our thanks to Stickney C of E Primary School, Boston St. Mary’s R.C. Academy and Kirton Primary School for their lovely entries into the Children’s Poster Competition. The children have come up with lots of important messages around using water wisely.

Below are some of the entries:

The competition has now concluded and the winner has been declared, to read more please read the Press release here.