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Anglian Water Potting Shed Club

Householders could save money, help conserve the environment and enhance their gardens by getting on board with Anglian Water’s Potting Shed Club.

Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service (LCVS) has teamed up with Anglian Water to spread the word about the club and associated money and water saving tips in Boston and beyond.

The ‘club’ is an online area at offering monthly tips to help reduce water usage in the garden.

You can also order your free garden water saving kit packed with goodies that help people to save water. 

Visit the Facebook page too at for dozens of ideas and inspiration for your garden.

Kits include things like water storing crystals to add to compost to help prevent overwatering of plants, water storing mats to line hanging baskets, tubs and planters to help them bloom and prevent over watering, a pocket guide to drought tolerant plants from the RHS and Grow Your Own Lavender seed packet which are the perfect drought tolerant plant for pots or borders.

LCVS spokesman…

“By the nature of what we do at LCVS in providing wide-ranging support to local community groups we meet a lot of people. It’s a natural fit to spread the word about topics that can help all of us both individually and jointly by conserving the environment we all share.

“As part of the Anglian Water region, Boston is in a severely water stressed area, which receives around a third less rainfall than the rest of the UK.

“Anglian Water customers use an average of 133 litres of water a day and some of this is wasted through things like inefficient appliances or dripping taps. Anglian Water is campaigning to try to reduce this by 20 litres per customer – that’s about two bucketfuls – and we’re keen to do our bit to help deliver that aim.”


The percentage of household energy bills linked to hot water use


The percentage of the daily water we use at home is in the bathroom

How many litres of water a power shower uses per minute

How many litres of water a day you could save by installing free water saving devices

How many pounds a year you could save by switching to a water meter

Through its free Bits and Bobs home visits, Anglian water helps people learn more about their water use and how they can save, plus installing free water saving devices.

Devices provided can include systems to reduce the amount of water used when the toilet is flushed, reduce the amount of water used during showers and to ensure taps are efficient. Additionally they may provide a shower timer to encourage those shorter showers or garden hosepipe guns, which can help save hundreds of litres of  water a year and are kinder to plants.

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For more information on the free kits and water saving options available: Contact LCVS.

LCVS would also like to hear from you if you have a group or are hosting an event where people might like to hear about water saving in the home and garden.

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