If you have an existing community group or project or an idea for one and need funding, Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service (LCVS) can provide advice and support with:

  • getting your group ‘fit for funding’
  • finding the right funding
  • setting outcomes
  • evidencing need
  • completing an application
  • proof reading applications before final submission

For more details, contact your local LCVS office: Contact LCVS

There is also a lot you can do independently.

Below are a few examples of websites that may help when compiling a funding bid or considering how best to raise the funds you need. These links are provided purely to prompt your thinking and research and are by no means exhaustive. LCVS takes no responsibility for content on external websites.

1.Search for available funding:

You can carry out funding searches through websites such as:

Funding Central – national funding portal, contains local and national funders.

Lincolnshire Community Foundation – details of grants available in Lincolnshire


2. Visit funders’ websites:

Visit individual funder websites and find out their criteria.

Some examples:


3. Other Ways of Raising Funds

Consider all your options when you’re thinking about fundraising.

Find out about using community shares as a way to raise funds: www.communityshares.org.uk

Platform where you can run a community shares scheme online: www.microgenius.org.uk

Crowdfunding platforms: www.indiegogo.com, www.kickstarter.com, www.crowdfunder.co.uk

Online donations platforms: www.justgiving.co.uk, www.givey.com, www.charitychoice.co.uk, www.goldengiving.com


4. Research what’s already out there:

Make sure you know what other groups are already doing and make sure they know about you.

http://www.lincsvcsdatabase.org.uk/ A database of community groups in Lincolnshire.


5. Evidence your project:

Get the facts and statistics you need to prove the value of your project to funders and others:

http://www.research-lincs.org.uk/Home.aspx Lincolnshire Research Observatory which compiles a range of different research sources with data on Lincolnshire.

http://www.research-lincs.org.uk/Joint-Strategic-Needs-Assessment.aspx Joint Strategic Needs assessment, a tool particularly for projects focused on physical or mental health.

www.justlincolnshire.org.uk Resources section provides information on different sources of inequalities in Lincolnshire such as age, race, gender etc.

http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/guide-method/census/2011/index.html Statistics from census.

http://www.nomisweb.co.uk/ Labour market statistics.

http://www.statistics.gov.uk/ Office for National Statistics. A wide range of different studies and data.

https://www.gov.uk/case-programme Culture & Sport evidence you can put towards your projects.

http://www.ivr.org.uk/ Institute for Volunteering – information and research on volunteering.

http://www.neighbourhood.statistics.gov.uk/ Search by neighbourhood to find statistics about local area (similar to LRO).

http://www.lincs2advice.org.uk/ Lincs2Advice – Local support for your community – signing posting to community groups in your area.


6. Get equipped to complete your application:

Make use of online tools that might help you in completing your application:

www.lincscommunitybuildings.org.uk A database of community buildings in Lincolnshire

www.surveymonkey.com Mostly free software to conduct online surveys.

www.mailchimp.com Email software that can be used to put together good looking newsletters and track statistics. Free and paid for services.

www.asana.com, www.basecamp.com, www.trello.com   Some examples of project management software.

https://drive.google.com Has documents like Microsoft word that you can share for multiple people to edit.


7. Contact LCVS:

LCVS will act as a critical friend to help you ensure you have everything in place to succeed in your funding application.

Contact LCVS


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