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Covid 19


LCVS is working hard to keep you up to date with the latest information to help keep you safe during the outbreak.

Advice for volunteers

Here’s how you can volunteer to help and support others during the coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic.

Stay Safe

First and foremost volunteers must ensure that they are following the latest government guidelines for staying safe and preventing further spread of the virus.  For the latest government guidelines follow this link:

Look out for your neighbours

Not just the elderly in our community but also those who are key workers, in one of the at-risk groups, without transport to get to shops or pharmacies and those who are caring for dependents.  Most people will feel more comfortable asking for or receiving support from somebody who lives in their street or local community.

For further guidance on staying safe while supporting others, visit:

Volunteer for local charity or COVID- 19 support group

Your local Lincolnshire councils, community groups and volunteers are working together.

LCVS Area Officers are working with organisations recruiting volunteers in your area and feeding information to the Lincolnshire Resilience Forum.  They can signpost you to reputable volunteer involving organisations in your local area.

Contact us to find out more about volunteering opportunities available in your area.

Support the NHS

You can sign up to NHS Volunteer Responders who are supporting the NHS during the covid-19 outbreak. This is to support the 1.5m people in England at most risk from the virus to stay well. Once you’ve registered and checks are complete – you’ll be provided with a log-in to the GoodSAM Responder app. Switch the app to ‘on duty’ and you’ll see live and local volunteer tasks to pick from nearby. If you have no transport there may also be options available to provide telephone support.

For further details and to apply  visit

Give support through the Red Cross

By becoming a Red Cross community reserve volunteer, you can help your community get back on track. Anyone can become a community reserve volunteer; no specialist skills are required and quick training is provided at the scene. You must be 18 or above, understand you can be called upon in a crisis and understand you will only be asked to help in your local community.

For further information and to apply visit:

Advice for groups

Our role at LCVS is to provide you with ongoing support during these unprecedented times helping you remain as active as possible and keeping you up to date with advice and information from your local and wider support networks.

Please find below information and actions you may need to take listed by subject area to help you find the information relevant to you. Remember you can also contact your local LCVS area officer via

Providing, or planning to provide, services and support to vulnerable people

LCVS are supporting the co-ordination of activities through the Lincolnshire Resilience Forum (LRF)

Possible Actions:

Setting up Good Neighbour Schemes for working with people who are self-isolating

Community Lincs, part of YMCA Lincolnshire, Good Neighbour Scheme Team has developed a toolkit based on their work with Good Neighbour Schemes to help you during this time. This toolkit provides information regarding volunteering, staying safe and signposting to advice.

Possible Action:

Recruiting local volunteers to support your short-term service

LCVS are registering details of volunteers willing to help, they can be referred to registered charities, constituted groups, Town & Parish Councils.

Possible Actions:

 Looking for funding support

Lobbying is taking place to make a case to policymakers for more support for the sector. The IoF, NCVO and CFG have put together a survey to gather evidence about the current and future financial impact of Coronavirus on charities which closed on 23 March.

The Small Charities Commission has been gathering signatures and written to the Prime Minister See link for latest

LCVS will be circulating information on any funds that become available via email as we are made aware of them. (See funding updates section below) Updates will also be listed on our website:

Lincolnshire Community Foundation have launched an appeal for a Lincolnshire COVID-19 Crisis Fund and The National Emergencies Trust has also launched an appeal to raise funds to help local charities to support those individuals suffering hardship that will be distributed through a number of charitable organisations including local Community Foundations.

Possible Actions:

Finding further advice and guidance

Guidance for charities and community groups is now available and is continually being updated. The NCVO pages are providing initial guidance and links to further support which is being regularly updated.

They are also providing all their Know How Non-Profit services free of charge to non-member organisations.

Possible Actions:

Staff and volunteers:

  • What do we need to do to protect staff, volunteers and visitors?
  • Should our employees take sick leave?
  • How do we support our staff and volunteers to work from home?


  • What immediate actions do we need to take to manage our finances?
  • How will we develop a contingency plan and how will our insurance be impacted?
  • What other financial implications should we think about?
  • What should I expect from funders?
  • How will our investments be impacted?

 Service Provision:

  • How do we support our beneficiaries/service users?
  • How are charities helping to deal with covid-19?
  • How do we support members of communities facing discrimination?


  • What should we do about events, board meetings or AGMs?
  • Key up-to-date information from the government:
  • Risk management

Charity Commission advice

Advice is available via the website

Possible Action:

Use this link  for advice on the following:

  • How do I get support to pay my charity staff?
  • Can I use reserves and restricted funds to help my charity through the crisis?
  • Can I cancel or postpone my charity’s AGM or other key meetings?
  • Can I use video, teleconferencing and the internet in place of face-to-face meetings?
  • What do I need to report to the Charity Commission?

Find ways to communicate

Possible Action:

If you are new to remote working and are looking for advice on the tools available to help you and your team work remotely, the Charity Comms  website has reviewed some of the tools currently being used by other charities:

This tools are Loom, Slack, Skype, Zoom, Basecamp, TweetDeck & Google Comms.

COVID-19 Response Funding Updates

We will keep this page updated as soon as information is received and add eligibility details where possible. As you will appreciate, there will be a huge demand for financial support in the current circumstances, so we advise you to follow the links and ensure you meet the criteria before applying. Remember to contact your local councillors for details of any council funding available:


Fund: Sports England

Date Launched: 31st March 2020

  • £20 million Community Emergency Fund, which will be opened immediately for clubs and community organisations to bid into.  Grants between £300 and £10,000 are available.
  • £5 million pot for existing partners to bid into if they’re facing specific financial difficulty.
  • An additional £55 million to support the sector during an ongoing period of restrictions, to fund new and innovative ways to keep people active and, when the period of restrictions is over, to help organisations get back to business and adjust to a different environment.
  • A £115 million rollover of current funding into 2021/22 to give long term certainty to over 100 well established partners who play a vital role in the delivery of sport and physical activity in England.

Alongside this, given cashflow concerns in the sector, they are have alsoo agreed to consider requests to release six months of the coming year’s funding (50% of awards) to our partners, meaning additional funding will be available sooner.   The package follows their recent decision to offer major flexibilities to those who currently receive funding – including the ability to change timings, key performance indicators, targets and conditions, and redirect money to new activity in response to coronavirus.

Closing date: The expectation is that organisations will only apply once for this fund for the immediate period 1st March to 31 July 2020 for Community Emergency Fund

Further guidance:



FUND: Charities Aid Foundation

In this time of national crisis, CAF has launched this rapid response Fund to help smaller charitable organisations affected by the impact of Covid-19. Grants of up to £10,000 will help them to continue to deliver much needed support to our communities across the UK.   

This is intended as a rapid response fund, and we aim to make payments to selected organisations within 14 days of application.

We anticipate high numbers of applicants and unfortunately it is likely that we will not be able to offer a grant to all eligible applicants.

Closing date: Not Specified

Link to further information:


Fund: Sylvia Adams Charitable Trust – Early years’ preventative work in England and Wales

Date Launched: Extension announced 20th March 2020

Fund summary: The Sylvia Adams Charitable Trust has changed the application guidelines and processes for its spring application round with the aim of supporting small and medium-sized charities, which may need extra assistance at this time. For the current round, unrestricted grants of up to £5,000 will be available as one-off payments to assist registered charities in England and Wales:

The funder aims to improve the life chances of disadvantaged children aged 0-3 in England and Wales, supports early intervention and preventative work that will improve the reach of targeted groups of 0-3 year olds and bring about improved defined outcomes for these targeted groups.

Closing Date: 28 April 2020

Link to further information:

Fund: Lincolnshire COVID-19 Crisis Fund

Date Launched: 18th March 2020

Fund summary: Lincolnshire Community Foundation have launched a local appeal and The National Emergencies Trust has also launched an appeal to raise funds to help local charities to support those individuals suffering hardship that will be distributed through a number Lincolnshire Community Foundations.

The fund will have three priorities:

  • To offer aid for the most vulnerable people in our communities: offering practical aid like establishing Good Neighbour Schemes, supporting Food Banks, Community Hubs and equipping the members of our communities to continue to assist one another.
  • To help local community organisations prepare themselves to appropriately respond and continue their work in a difficult work environment, and to tailor their specialist services to give help to the people who need it most.
  • To develop advice and support Initiatives to fill gaps for people and places where there are no current suitable services.

Closing Date: TBC

Link to further information:

Fund: Martin Lewis Poverty Relief Grant

Launched: 19th March 2020, Updated 24th March 2020

Summary: Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has launched a grant fund pot to support urgent poverty relief and is seeking to distribute to charities and food banks.

Martin released £1,000,000 which has subsequently been increased to £3,000,000 from his personal charity fund to provide grants of £5,000 to £20,000 to small registered charities, or local arms of bigger charities, across the UK – to help with specific UK coronavirus-related poverty relief projects.

This is only for UK coronavirus poverty relief, not international.

It’s only for UK charities with turnover under £10 million (though local standalone branches of larger charities may be accepted).

It is focusing on immediate poverty relief needs –  mental health (which Mr Lewis is already supporting via MMHPI) and community cohesion are not included.

Closing Date: APPLICATIONS CLOSE AT 11.59pm ON WED 25 MAR 2020.

Link to application form: coronavirus poverty relief grant application form

 Further information:

Fund: B & M Foodbank donations

 Date Launched: 20th March 2020

Fund Summary: B&M are donating £1 Million to foodbanks across the country, to help those who are the most vulnerable in the current times. All their 670 stores will be providing a local foodbank with a £1,500 donation so they’re able to purchase much needed essentials.

Closing Date:

Link to further information: Email  with your foodbank’s details, charity number, address and representative’s contact details

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