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English Language Co-ordination Project

A 12-month project running until April 2020 to promote the provision of English language learning in the Boston area.

This is one of only eight projects across England funded by Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG).

This project covers the Boston area. Of
the other seven projects, six are inner city areas and the other is a regional project in the North.

Each project is testing a new way of partnership working across providers and promoting their joint provision.

Data and findings will feed into the National Strategy for English Language provision which is under review to ensure future provision meets demands.

 To develop partnership working between the various providers and create a website to improve access to learning for learners
 To identify and address any unmet needs in current provision
 To improve cross-referrals between providers in order to progress learner’s English language skills
 To secure a sustainable future for the website
 To provide evidence to MHCLG on this model of partnership working and the local needs identified for ESOL provision


A new website has now been launched which non-English speakers can view information in their own language as to what courses are available that match their needs.

This includes, for example,  the level of course needed, whether a qualification is required, location and time of day/day of week.

The web site then facilitates a direct enquiry to the provider of their choice.

Project manager Thelma Wadsley has worked with nine local providers (Boston College, Nacro, Bringing learning into Communities, Boston English Academy, TaylorItex CIC, Bethany Church, St Botolph’s Church, Boston Children’s Centre and The Reader Shared Reading Group) to map local provision.

Thelma is able to provide publicity materials and offer coaching to staff and volunteers of local organisations who may be in a position to refer their client group to the web site to help them improve their English Language. She is also able to support local employers to ensure that their migrant workforces can access the web site too.

For more information email Thelma at 

The website will be promoted through a variety of multilingual posters and fliers, which will be widely distributed for display in retail and catering outlets, factories, employment agencies, statutory services, faith groups, other service providers, public places and social media.

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