Social Prescribing for Groups and Professionals

Social prescribing empowers people to take control of their health and wellbeing give time, focus on ‘what matters to me’ and take a holistic approach to a person’s health and wellbeing, connecting people to diverse community groups and statuory services for practical and emotional support.



A referral to social prescribing can be made by calling the Social Prescribing Coordinator on 01205 314479.

You can also download the referral form here.

Community Groups

Many of the people supported by social prescribing have become isolated from their community and are experiencing loneliness.

When this is the case the social prescribing Link Worker will look for local organisations or activities that would support the person to achieve their goals whilst also re-engaging with community.

An example might be a person who has stopped going out because they are nervous following a fall.

If their goal is to get out and about without fear of falling, and their interest is in model railways the team member will help them to find a local activity with this focus.

They may also suggest an appropriate exercise class where the person can build core strength to improve balance and gain confidence.

If the person is anxious about beginning new activities one of the social prescribing team will accompany them until they have made some friends and feel more confident.

All participants receive a welcome letter which will introduce the service, confirm consent and ensure that the person understands what will happen next.

A link worker will contact the person by phone to assess need, provide information on local organisations and discuss how social prescribing could provide further support.

During face to face sessions the link worker will support the creation of a personalised support plan. They will support the person to access local organisations and activities that will help them to achieve goals they have set

Link workers will offer support for up to 12 sessions.


An important part of Social Prescribing is having the right conversations with people to find out what help they need. Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service can provide MECC+ training to professionals and groups – empowering you to have those important conversations.

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Suzanne Willis

Suzanne Willis

Social Prescribing Link Worker.

What people are saying…

“Since you’ve been visiting mum I never know where she is, she’s always out. She never used to go out at all” a participants son talking to a Link Worker.

Get involved in social prescribing

Volunteer mentors have been trained to accompany social prescribing participants to new activities.

Volunteer researchers will be out and about in the community looking for new groups and activities that may benefit social prescribing participants.

Contact us to express an interest or find out more.

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If you still have unanswered questions about social prescribing, please use the form below to get in touch, or call the team in your area.

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