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South Kesteven Community Fund

 South Kesteven Community Fund provides grants of up to £10,000 for community initiatives and up to £5,000 for community events.

South Kesteven District Council established the fund and asked Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service (LCVS) to help ensure the money gets to where it is needed.

Grants for events or projects to benefit residents

There are two strands to the scheme – one supporting community events and one for community projects.

Grants of between £200 and £5,000 are available for community events and £500 to £10,000 for community projects.

A new more simple application form has been developed for grants up to £2,000.

Grants are available for groups and organisations who are involved in community projects and events that benefit residents and communities in the district to cover a one-off (capital) cost.

Examples of potentially successful applications could include repairs to a community building, a new community festival, improvements to a recreation area, start-up costs for a scheme that will generate an ongoing  revenue stream for the community such as a community owned cafe – the list goes on.


Groups and organisations must demonstrate how their project or event will deliver wide benefit, contributing to the sustainability, vitality and well-being of South Kesteven’s communities.

Up to a maximum of 80 per cent of the total costs of a project or scheme can be applied for – the other 20 per cent must be contributed from elsewhere, of which 10 per cent can be from in-kind volunteering or materials.

Projects eligible for the South Kesteven Community Fund

See below for examples of projects that may be eligible for the fund and details of those that will not.

Examples of eligible projects and events:

Community Projects – see the community projects application form

 Category Types of Projects Supported  Grant Levels
Community Amenities Outdoor facilities such as MUGAs, shelters, recreation areas, orchards, heritage, footpaths etc. Min = £500 Max = £10,000
Community Buildings Repairs, maintenance and alterations to village halls and other public buildings, contributions to new build community buildings and the purchase of equipment to be used in community buildings. Min = £500 Max = £10,000
Community Enterprise Projects which generate an ongoing revenue stream for a community such as community owned pubs, shops, cafes, and community tourism initiatives. Min = £500 Max = £10,000
Supporting Communities Supporting the work of organisations who support communities, including social enterprises, support organisations and Community Led Planning groups (to support the delivery of projects in their Community Led Plans). Min = £500 Max = £10,000

Community Events – see the community events application form

Category Types of Events Supported Grant Levels
Community Events Community celebrations, sports events, street festivals, arts and cultural events. Min = £200 Max = £5,000


The SKDC Community Fund will not support…

Projects or events which are for private gain

Events primarily intended to pass on surplus income to other organisations, eg charity concerts.

Revenue costs (salaries, project officer or other employee costs, rents, statutory training etc).

Projects or events which already receive SKDC District Council funding (eg rural pools).

Regular events (unless they have a significantly new and different aspect)

General appeals

Activities of a mainly political or religious nature, including improvements to the fabric of church buildings (non-religious community activities held within a place of worship may be eligible)

Contingency funds, income deficits, bridging loans or security against a loan.

Applications will be assessed on their ability to:

  • Deliver wide community benefit, contributing to the sustainability, vitality and well-being of SKDC’s communities, such as encouraging volunteering and participation
  • Contribute to locally identified community needs and priorities (such as in Neighbourhood Plans/Community Led Plans etc)
  • Contribute to South Kesteven District  Council’s priorities (Promoting Leisure Arts and Culture, Keep SK Clean, Green and Healthy, Growing the Economy and Good Housing for All)
  • Demonstrate value for money through obtaining written quotes and estimates. Copies of two written quotations/estimates for each item of expenditure between £50 and £2,500 (not more than six months old) and Copies of three written quotations/estimates for each item of expenditure above £2,500 (not more than six months old).
  • Measure the success of a project or event
  • Demonstrate equality of opportunity and the elimination of discrimination.

Support with your application

LCVS offers advice on whether your project is likely to be suitable for the fund and guidance to help ensure your application provides all the necessary information.

We would strongly advise all applicants to get in touch with LCVS before submitting an application, by email:  or via LCVS South Kesteven.

South Kesteven Community Fund applications will be considered by a panel of district council members.

Grants will need to be spent within two years of the decision to award funding. Three quarters of the cash award will be available in advance with the remainder payable on completion of the project/initiative.

The next funding round deadline is:

Friday, November 1, 2019

Friday, January 31, 2020

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