Lincolnshire Community Foundation would like to invite existing small local community groups, charities and organisations across Lincolnshire to apply for up to £1,000.00 to support their future financial resilience, in particular where they’ve not been able to generate revenue, income or undertake fundraising activities because they had close due to the impact of Covid-19.   We have listened to feedback and want to try to protect and retain as many existing services as we can.  Successful projects might include those that require a contribution towards overheads, annual subscriptions, running and core costs in order to ensure they are sustainable in the future, or funding to help the group open where numbers are thought to be low and not cost effective.


Eligibility: Not for profit community groups with an income of less than £50,000 per year.  They must have a governing document, accounts, bank account and relevant policies and procedures. Foundation staff can give advice about these matters if required.  Branches of national charities can apply provided they have a local management committee and their own bank account.


Fund opens on 4 January 2021 and closes on 1 February 2021.  Decisions notified within 4 weeks of closing date. To obtain an Application Form or to chat about your project, please contact Sue Fortune or Katie Littlewood on 01529 305825 or email


Sue Fortune, Foundation CEO says:


“The Foundation has received enquiries from charities and groups (bowling clubs, scouts, activity groups, guides etc) that may struggle to re-open when Covid-19 guidelines allow because their financial position is precarious.  A small amount may be the difference between survival and closure.  These smaller groups are vital to ensure social cohesion is maintained when it’s safe for groups to re-open. The application process is straight forward and staff are on hand to offer help at every stage”.