Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has launched a grant fund pot to support urgent poverty relief and is seeking to distribute to charities and food banks.

Martin has released £1,000,000 from his personal charity fund to provide grants of £5,000 to £20,000 to small registered charities, or local arms of bigger charities, across the UK – to help with specific UK coronavirus-related poverty relief projects.

Examples could include foodbanks, charities engaged in community aid, financial advice help and more. My hope is to get the money distributed within the next couple of weeks, and I’m looking for projects that are up and running, or are in the process of being set up – as we want to deliver help at speed.

He said: “We face an unprecedented challenge to our health, economy, businesses, personal finance and way of life. And many of those who normally help society – our charities – are going to face similar pressures right now too”.

If you are an appropriate official of a registered charity, apply using the

coronavirus poverty relief grant application form 


Find out more at

Also, local charities that are seeking funding to offer support for vulnerable East Lindsey residents should also consider approaching their District Councillor to request support –  they each have small grants to support their community.

To find out who your Councillor is visit: