A new ‘Funding Ready’ training programme has been devised by Lincolnshire Community & Voluntary Services and Voluntary Centre Services, funded and in partnership with Lincolnshire County Council.

The programme launches at the end of February 2020. The first delivery of the programme will be trialled to pick up any ‘glitches’, with feedback at the end of each session from attendees. Whether you are a first-time applicant, need a refresher or you would like to improve on the quality of your past applications, this programme is for you.

A  ‘Bench-marking Tool’ will help you, and us, to decide which workshops your group would benefit from attending. Attendance will involve completing an organisation Health Check form.

  • Workshop 1: Grant Funding – Getting Started is aimed at newly formed groups and groups new to funding. This workshop covers the paperwork that needs to be in order prior to considering funding applications.

The workshop will follow on from the next West Lindsey Voluntary Sector Forum on Wednesday 26th February 2020, from 1- 3pm, at Gainsborough Uphills Community Centre. Interested groups can sign up via Eventbrite:


Provisional dates for follow on workshops:

  • Workshop 2: Building Funding Capability  –  Monday 9th March 2020,  10am – 3pm. This workshop will be delivered in Boston; venue to be arranged.
  • Workshop 3: Achieving Funding Readiness – Wednesday 25th March 2020, 10am – 3pm. This workshop will be delivered in the South Holland District; venue to be arranged.