Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue is asking for residents’ input on its community plan which identifies key risks and how it responds to them.

The service is currently developing its Community, or Risk Management, Plan for 2020-2023 which outlines its commitment to the communities of Lincolnshire and looks at how they intend to deal with incidents such as fires, road traffic collisions, flooding and medical emergencies.

It also looks at how to reduce the risks and the best use of resources.

Chris Rushton, Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue’s Continuous Improvement Manager, said: “We have made good progress since our last Community Plan in 2016 and are looking to maximise the use of our resources to meet our key challenges for the next few years.

“As we will use Our Community Plan as the basis for other plans we make, we feel it is important to develop this document alongside the residents, businesses and organisations of Lincolnshire.”

Anyone interested in being part of the process can take part in the Our Community Plan Survey in which the fire service is seeking the views of people particularly around the identified risks as well as measures for reducing those risks.

The supporting documents Our Community Plan 2020-2023 and  Understanding Risk in Lincolnshire (which provides the context, evidence and background analysis of risk and informs the rationale in Our Community Plan) can also be found via the Website. The closing date for receiving feedback is midnight on Monday, 9 March 2020.