Anglian Water along with Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service, would like to help enhance lives through networking and collaboration for the benefit of communities.

 We would like to invite you an exciting and innovative event in Boston to share information with you about how together we can support people in the community.

This FREE event is being held on Thursday 25th April, from 9.30am to 1pm at Boston West Golf Club, Hubbert’s Bridge.

The event, which includes a free lunch, is suitable for anybody working with people of any age, to encourage them to make positive behavioural changes towards water conservation and the prevention of flooding and pollution linked to blocked sewer pipes. Awareness of these avoidable blockages caused mainly through wipes and other sanitary waste mixing with fats, oils and grease is raised through the ‘Keep It Clear’ project.

Anglian Water would like to explore ways in which they can ensure customers in vulnerable circumstances continue to get support, from providing bottled water when the supply is interrupted, to help with reading the meter or extra security from bogus callers. For those experiencing financial difficulty there may be ways to reduce future charges or provide support through assisted payments.

By working with organisations that have strong relationships in the community, we hope this could offer potential partnership opportunities which can go from strength to strength.

 We hope you’ll join us to make useful connections and gain an insight to how Anglian Water and the people you meet will benefit and how you can help your community.

 Please register for this event through Eventbrite Link Here Password: AWLCVS