LCVS have their very own celebrity! Having been seen all over the country and commended for her neighborly efforts and dedication to the many communities she has supported. Lynnette Pryke has won the Coop Neighbor of the Year Award for her hard work and dedication towards giving a voice to communities in need. Lynnette runs Community Information Points (CIP) known as the Alford Hub that has completed over 48000 help requests and has over 148 volunteers all working to help provide support for their communities including a covid isolation support team, hospital discharge team, The Alford Hub social media team, the Alford Chronicle Newspaper and more!

I approached Lynnette and this is what she had to say:

The solution for a brighter future for this country, starts and finishes with Community. I am absolutely delighted to have won the award and I dedicate it to every volunteer at Alford Hub. We now have the eyes of the nation on us and I absolutely intend to use it to be a voice for communities everywhere and Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary
I am proud to have had an association with the voluntary sector for over 31 years with WVS, CVS and for the past two years LCVS. I am even prouder that I have been on the core development team for the Community Information Points and that Alford Hub has been so instrumental in shaping how they will look. If you are involved with any voluntary organisation and would be interested in talking to me about becoming the official CIP in your area, then please get in touch with Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service. The CIP will revolutionise community engagement and offer the solution to many statutory and community problems. Be part of the revolution.

I will continue to fight for every community to have a voice and to me winning this award, will give me the
national platform. The best people to make decisions on their community and needs are the people who live and work it in. I would like to thank LCVS for all the support and opportunities they have given me and believing in my crusade to make communities stronger.” –
Lynnette Pryke

We would like to congratulate Lynnette and all of her volunteers on behalf of all of us here at Lincolnshire Community & Voluntary Service – What an amazing achievement!