Anyone interested in composting can find out more about how to get started at a workshop to be held in Boston.

National charity Garden Organic has teamed up with Anglian Water and Willoughby Road Allotment Association to offer free composting workshops to show those who have never done it before how easy it is to get started and be successful.

Composting at home is simple to do, produces something for free and helps save time, money and the planet.

Those who attend the workshops will also receive information on how to access a subsidised compost bin and get a copy of Garden Organic’s Composting for Gardeners booklet, which will help them get started.

Jackie Lane, project worker for Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service, who is co-ordinating the project as part of her work with Anglian Water’s Keep It Clear campaign, said: “Composting is a great way to help not only keep our pipes clear but also garden in a water wise way. 

“Food scraps in our sewers can contribute to blockages and pollution – much better to pop them in a compost bin designed to take them. And when your compost is ready apply it to your plants to help them maintain moisture and reduce the need for watering”

The workshops will be held at Willoughby Road Allotments in Boston on Wednesday 23rd October from 10am to 12.30pm and from 1.30pm to 4pm.

Entrance to the site by car is from Willoughby Road and on foot from Rowan Way, next to Butterfly Hospice.

Places are limited so booking is essential. Contact Robert Stone, chairman of Willoughby Road Allotment Association, on 07584 229566 or email

  • Please note that cooked food scraps, bones and small amounts of fat can only be placed in a compost bin that is designed to take them. For more information visit Large amounts of fat and oil should be collected and taken to a recycling centre for conversion into biodiesel.