The social prescribing team are now all in place across South, South West and East Lincolnshire. We have one goal, to connect people with activities in their own community so that their sense of belonging and wellbeing is increased.

Our values are simple, our service is centered on the person we are supporting; solutions will be found in the persons own community; and we respect the lifestyle choices of the individual whilst encouraging them to think about choices that may lead to a happier, healthier life.

Person Centered

We visited a lady in September, we will call her Kathy (not her real name). Kathy had lots of professionals offering support but when we took time to listen what we heard was that really Kathy had two goals, to walk her dog and feel a sense of belonging in her community.

To achieve these goals, we would need to help Kathy with her confidence and physical strength.

Community Based

Our wonderful Link Worker Suzanne started to walk the dog with Kathy, as they did so they would speak to other dog walkers. Gradually Kathy’s confidence grew and now she walks the dog regularly in her community.

Suzanne also found a suitable exercise class for Kathy in the next town. Going to an exercise class can be daunting for anyone so initially Suzanne and Kathy went together. They also worked together on getting a bus pass for Kathy. Now Kathy uses Call Connect independently to attend her weekly class.

Lifestyle Choices

Initially Kathy told us that she didn’t like to mix with others very much, and we respected that. However, with her now found confidence Kathy is enjoying chatting to people on the bus, she has made friends at the exercise class and is making a choice to mix.

When we first met Kathy she wasn’t getting out much, that was having a detrimental effect on her health and she was becoming isolated. Now Kathy gets out more, she is more confident and she smiles a great deal. A member of Kathy’s family recently said to Suzanne, “since you started coming I never know where Kathy is, she’s always out and about”.

If you know someone who would benefit from Social Prescribing Or if you would like to volunteer to work alongside our link workers in providing support please call our coordinator on 01205 314479.