Easy Read Guide: Suicide Prevention for Males – Innovation Fund – V2

We are looking to fund community organisations  who support work directly with males who are the highest at-risk group for suicides and self-harm in Lincolnshire.

The grants available:

A] Larger grants of between £5,000 and £10,000 for projects over a 12-month period.

B] Small grants up to £5,000 for 12 months activity to fund pilot projects, support smaller groups, and help with capacity building.

C] Within a total grant pot of around £130K.

The Criteria :


  1. Focus on supporting males and being creative and innovative about your ideas and proposed developments.
  2. Reducing self-harm and suicides within at-risk males aged 25 to 59.
  3. Supporting males through peer support / people with lived experience.
  4. Opportunities for males to talk and places where they feel safe to talk.
  5. Support Groups and Activities that promote good mental health and prevent suicide.
  6. Plans to raise awareness.
  7. How to become self-sufficient in the future?
  8. Applications can be from either from single organisations and groups or can include joint applications made in collaboration with other organisations and groups – Alliance Bids.


  1. Timescale for Submission – Application Process Closes on 15 February 2021

    For more information and to apply please download a read the following links

    Community Suicide Prevention Innovation Fund – Market Engagement Event 12.01.21

    CSPIF – Grant Application Form V6