We think these are the six top reasons people are missing out on the rewards and benefits of volunteering.

Do you agree?

Myth 1: “I don’t have time to volunteer”

You decide how much time to give! – If you only have 30 minutes, try micro-volunteering. You can sit at home or at work and take action on global issues and read and sign a petition, map planets and asteroids or tag wild animals in images from Mozambique.

If you have a couple of hours, even once or twice a year, how about helping out at an event?

Macmillan Cancer Support, Jerry Green Dog Rescue and Healthwatch all require volunteers that can help out at events. Help to set up stands, hang bunting and blow up balloons.

Myth 2: “It’s just charity shops and elderly people”

Helping out in charity shops and with the elderly are very important volunteer roles but there are hundreds of different roles available to volunteers, including administration, fundraising, gardening, supporting the police, children’s activities, befriending, heritage, youth work and much, much more.

Myth 3: “Volunteering ends up costing you money”

Many organisations will pay volunteer expenses such as travel and parking and if you need to have a DBS (criminal records check) to fulfil your role. That is free for volunteers also

Myth 4: “Volunteering will affect my benefits”

Jobseekers are likely to be encouraged to volunteer to boost their CV and it should not affect their benefits. Inform your adviser that you are volunteering and stick to the rules of your benefit, leaving time for job searching and being available for interviews. Volunteering is a great way to get up-to-date references.

Myth 5: “Volunteers take jobs away from people”

You cannot replace paid staff with volunteers. Volunteer roles are designed for volunteers only.   LCVS only helps to find volunteers for charitable organisations, not private businesses.

Myth 6: “There’s no point in working for free”

Volunteering is an excellent way of meeting people, accessing training, getting involved in something new and giving back to your community. If you’re jobseeking it is great for your CV and if you’re not it can bring a wealth of benefits, such as boosting your self esteem or simply making you happy.


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