A LCVS volunteer has made her mark by taking part in a project to create virtual tours of some of South Holland’s finest churches.

Georgie Van Dyke was placed at Chain Bridge Forge Museum by Katy Gale, LCVS’s area officer for South Holland, after the pair met at a careers fair at Spalding High School in July.

The placement led Georgie (15) to getting involved in Chain Bridge Forge’s ambitious project to produce virtual tours of local churches and she was involved in creating the first one of St Margaret’s Church in Quadring.

Katy said: “When I met Georgie she had already done some volunteering but was looking to improve her skills and knowledge for personal development and to improve her cv.  

She subsequently came to see me to look at possible opportunities. She expressed and interest in media and IT and also history and was keen to find out more about the Digital Historian role at Chain Bridge Forge in Spalding.

I am always keen to see young people volunteer as it can give them experience of talking to the wider public to people of many ages and backgrounds, experience and learn about various careers and learn new skills all of which can give them a head start when looking for paid work or moving on to higher education or university. 

 Volunteering also gives them a better understanding and appreciation of the great work volunteers play in society today.

“Chain Bridge forge is a great place to volunteer and quite unique in that they bring the old and the new together, with local history being brought to life through digital technology and making it accessible to a whole new audience.

Georgie’s involvement and efforts were recognised with an article in the local newspaper, in which she said: We went round taking lots of 360 degree photographs with a special camera – it creates a big, panoramic image so you can interact with it online.

“You can move around and see the church and it’s as though you were standing there.

“St Margaret’s is such a beautiful church. There’s lots of different artefacts that are so old and it’s really been interesting to discover the story behind them.”

The finished tour is now featured on Chain Bridge Forge’s own website and possibly the Lincolnshire Heritage website too.