Volunteering isn’t always a purely selfless act – it can be a proactive and practical springboard to employment.

If you’re a jobseeker or are looking for a change of direction volunteering could be a fantastic first step.

Seven ways volunteering can be a springboard to employment:

  1. Volunteer roles can translate into similar job roles and are useful as basic training in all related areas of employment
  2. It’s easy to get out of working routines when unemployed for long periods. A voluntary role can restore these routines.
  3. A gap in your CV can put employers off – A current CV is much more attractive and volunteering can fill that gap.
  4. Voluntary roles can include elements of training and skills development. Gaining current experience in a field also helps employability.
  5. Lack of meaningful occupation can affect your health and mental wellbeing. Volunteering breaks the cycle, and creates new perspectives, as well as new options.
  6. The cycle of looking for work and filling in job applications can become an ordeal. Volunteering can take you off that treadmill and open you up to new opportunities
  7. Many volunteer roles can bring people in similar situations together and provide opportunities to form new relationships.


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