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 Changing Our Team's Name to "Community Development and Volunteering Team"!   

Thursday 10th August 2023

We are thrilled to announce after much consideration and reflection, we have decided to evolve our team name from the "Area Officers Team" to the "Community Development and Volunteering Team".


We believe that the new name better encompasses the essence of our team's goals and aspirations. As "Community Development and Volunteering Team," our mission is to foster growth, create opportunities, and create a positive change within our communities.

Volunteering has always been a core value of our team, and it remains at the heart of our identity. As the "Community Development and Volunteering Team," we are redoubling our efforts to create more volunteering opportunities, connect with local organisations, and empower our team members.  

As the "Community Development and Volunteering Team," we are more determined than ever to create strong, vibrant communities through collaborative efforts and meaningful initiatives.

Here's to a future filled with positive transformation, shared accomplishments, and a united commitment to building a better world together.

Team photograph
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