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A Message From Our Founder

"Bob’s Brainwaves has been put together to offer support and help for those who are just beginning their journey of memory loss through dementia. I went through this journey with my husband, Bob (who had early onset dementia). It made us feel bewildered and alone; we wanted to support others with some of the information that lightened our load." - Chris Suich




This pack is not meant as an answer to everything for dealing with memory loss but a handy help aid.

Tried and Tested at home with Bob!


"Science estimates that over one and a half million people will have dementia by 2040. Families affected by a diagnosis of dementia are often overwhelmed and do not know where to get the help that they so desperately need. The information in this Bob's Brainwaves pack will, I am certain, provide an invaluable resource in terms of emotional, financial, social and legal guidance. I have the great pleasure of knowing dear Bob and this is a great initiative in his name."

- Councillor Julia Simmons

Mayor of Louth





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