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Building Stronger Communities

Friday 28th July 2023

Building Stronger Communities: Celebrating Volunteers and Achieving Impact

Anne Dorrian, the esteemed Leader of Boston Borough Council, delivered an inspiring keynote speech during the recent LCVS staff development day, where she wholeheartedly praised the tremendous importance and immeasurable value of volunteers. Her presence and words resonated deeply with the team, igniting a renewed sense of passion and dedication. Anne's unwavering commitment to supporting volunteering was evident in her powerful address, leaving a lasting impact on all attendees. Her recognition of the vital role volunteers play in building a compassionate and vibrant community was both motivating and empowering.

Coinciding with Anne’s speech, there was wonderful news that further uplifted everyone's spirits. Lincolnshire CVS has achieved Volunteer Centre Quality re-Accreditation, which is an endorsement of service quality and impact by NAVCA, the national body for VCSE local infrastructure organisations. This award shows that LCVS provides excellent service and makes a real, positive difference in the community.

The team at Lincolnshire CVS, delighted by this outstanding accomplishment, is now even more energised and committed to their mission of empowering volunteers and driving meaningful change. Anne's words of encouragement and the organisation's re-accreditation serve as a testament to the unwavering dedication and effectiveness of their efforts.

David Fannin, LCVS Chief Executive says, “Volunteering and community development sits at the heart of our Thriving Communities (Inclusive Growth) programme.  It creates stronger communities and benefits the local economy.  We see the results every day as we help community organisations get the resources they need and support people on their journey into jobs, work readiness and personal wellbeing.  VCQA is an endorsement of service quality and impact. LCVS is committed to sharing knowledge and good practice and giving volunteers and volunteer-involving organisations the best possible support.  I look forward to working with our amazing local communities and partners in local government to guide future strategy and planning.” David added; “It is always reassuring and rewarding to have external validation of the quality and impact of the charity and to get this from both Anne as Leader of the Council and NAVCA gives us a massive boost.”


Together, this celebration of volunteering and the validation of Lincolnshire CVS's impact showcase the boundless potential of collaborative endeavours in creating a brighter, more compassionate world. The inspired team will undoubtedly continue their outstanding work, leaving a lasting legacy of positive change in the hearts of the community they serve.



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