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Interview with Axel for Trustees' Week  

Tuesday 7th November 2023


Trustees' Week is taking place from Monday 6th to Friday 10th November

As part of Trustees' Week we asked one our Young Trustees, Axel, some questions about being a Trustee! 

What inspired you to become a young trustee volunteer?

“I was inspired to become a trustee because I have a passion for good governance and expressing youth views. I feel becoming a trustee for LCVS will allow a youth dynamic to the decision making process and allow for a more diverse process at board level for the LCVS. Additionally, I have worked with LCVS before and have gained a lot of experience and knowledge, so I was excited to continue this business relationship.”


How would you describe the benefits of volunteering with our organisation as a Trustee?

“I would describe the benefits of volunteering with LCVS as quite fulfilling. Within this role I, among others, will have a great involvement with the organisations decision making and running for the foreseeable future meaning, indirectly we will provide numerous opportunities to benefit the people of Lincolnshire, and this is something I am very proud to be part of. Additionally, it allows me to personally develop my skills in good governance and diversity even further and also network at a higher level to continue with my youth ambassadors campaign.”


What are the key responsibilities of a trustee and how does your role as a young trustee differ from that of more experienced trustees?

“The key responsibility of this role is to critically analyse and accept strategies, ideas, and concepts from others to ensure the provisions of LCVS are relevant, the best quality and have maximal impact on the population of Lincolnshire. My role as a youth trustee doesn’t differ much from the role of a more experienced trustee however, within this role I hope to provide a youth dynamic and encourage youth participation.”


Can you provide specific examples of decisions or actions that trustees have taken in the past that had a significant impact?

“The trustees have had a significant impact in LCVS’s 25 year campaign to prosper in the third sector. They have not only solidified the organisation as a reputable source for volunteers, but also allowed growth for the organisation too. A contribution to this, was the effectiveness and close scrutiny of the financial accounts which has never been overlooked. The thoroughness of the trustees has allowed for the finances to grow and henceforth increase and improve the provision.”


What is one thing you really like about being a board member?

“One thing I like about being a board member is that I am able to contribute to the wider community of Lincolnshire but also continue my youth ambassador representation at board level. Additionally, LCVS is a great organisation to work alongside, and this is something I am looking forward to.”


What advice would you give to someone thinking about becoming a young board member?

“Be confident! Advice I would give to an aspiring young board member is to be confident with challenges and decision making because youth representation is key at board level. Additionally, I would advise you to take the opportunity to network with others because the opportunities are endless!”

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