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New Project -PLACETALK 

Thursday 25th January 2024

Community Investment Funding to support this project was awarded to LCVS by the Theddlethorpe GDF Community Partnership. LCVS are running an exciting new project called PLACETALK covering Mablethorpe, Withern and Theddlethorpe.

Placetalk Logo .png

PLACETALK is an opportunity for local people to have a voice and take collective action within their local community.


Our team will be holding ‘Tea and Talk’ events in public places throughout the year, opening a space for conversations about what matters to individuals.


The aim of the project is empowering community led-solutions, to foster and develop ideas and wishes, of benefit to individuals, their families, friends, and their community, all of which has influence on local decision making.


The project will start with a few pilot events from January 2024.


PLACETALK will be on-going feedback loop where LCVS present findings back into the community and work alongside individuals and groups.

For more information, please feel free to contact our PLACETALK team:

Or press here for more information on the project. 

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