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Organisational Volunteering

LCVS can support your community group or voluntary organisation to recruit volunteers. Our volunteer brokerage service will support you to find suitable volunteers for your specific voluntary roles. Our trained team will work closely with you to ensure the role is advertised and you receive interest from potential volunteers. We provide advice and information to ensure volunteers are successfully integrated into your organisation.

Register Your Organisation with LCVS 

In order to receive our support you must first be registered as an organisation with us, this can be done via the button below. If you are unsure if you are already registered, please contact us by emailing or by calling 01205 510888. 

Advertise Your Volunteering Opportunities through LCVS 

LCVS advertise volunteering opportunities through our Volunteering Opportunities Booklets (examples of these can be found below), on our Social Media Platforms and through our Community Development and Volunteering Officers (CDVO's) sharing the information. If you would like any Volunteering Opportunities advertising through LCVS, please ensure you are registered as an organisation first (using the form above). Then you can complete the form below for each opportunity you would like advertising. 

Once you’ve completed the required forms and we have registered your organisation’s details, it’s over to us. We’ll promote your opportunity to enable potential volunteers to register their interest in your role. We’ll ask them to contact you or we will contact you on their behalf. 

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