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We Need Volunteers

LCVS can support your community group or voluntary organisation to recruit volunteers. Our volunteer brokerage service will support you to find suitable volunteers for your specific voluntary roles. Our trained team can support you with writing effective role descriptions and offer training on all aspects of Volunteer Management.

Register Your Organisation with LCVS 

LCVS offers a volunteering platform which is visible to the public and enables prospective volunteers to view and apply for volunteering opportunities. If you would like your opportunities to be advertised you must be registered first, then you can start adding your own opportunities.


To register click on the button below:

If you wish to receive support with Volunteer Management click here or for Funding Ready Programmes click here.  

We have an opportunities booklet that we use to hand out at events, and are also distributed across our covered areas, in places such as libraries. This booklet only shows a small selection but is one way that we can advertise your opportunities. Please see an example of this below.

This is an example of our booklets

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