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Volunteer Management

Lincolnshire Community & Voluntary Service (LCVS) in partnership with Voluntary Centre Services (VCS) and the Lincolnshire Volunteer Centres, have developed a series of Volunteer Management workshops to help voluntary sector groups and charities improve their skills and knowledge in recruiting, supporting and valuing their volunteers.

Volunteer Management Workshop is a comprehensive program designed to help charity organisations recruit, manage and retain volunteers. It consists of three workshops which will be delivered over five half-day sessions virtually on Zoom. These workshops will cover the complete volunteer journey, from preparing your group for volunteers, to recruiting and supporting your volunteers, to saying goodbye. This program will provide your organisation with the tools and knowledge needed to ensure volunteers are properly supported and engaged. With the help of this program, your organisation will be well-equipped to make the most of the invaluable contribution of volunteers.

Online Workshop

The Workshop at a glance:

  • Free to any voluntary sector group or charities working within Lincolnshire

  • Delivered via Zoom

  • Sessions last three hours

  • Experienced and Qualified educators

  • Running Monday to Thursday throughout the year

  • Five sessions to complete the workshop


Workshop One

Getting Your Organisation
Ready for Volunteers!

To ensure your group has the correct policies and procedures in place to recruit volunteers.

We will also look at how volunteering links in with your organisation's mission, vision and strategies and why organisations take on volunteers as well as why people volunteer and why they don't.

(Delivered over two sessions)

Workshop Two 

Recruiting and Welcoming Volunteers & Making Volunteering Accessable to all!

To be able to recruit and attract volunteers effectively for your organisation and have a wide range of volunteer roles available.


We will also look at how you can make your organisation more inclusive for volunteers with additional needs and have a wider range of volunteers involved.

(Delivered over two sessions)

Workshop Three

Supporting, Supervising, Valuing and Developing Volunteers!

To gain a greater understanding of how to support, value and develop volunteers with tips on conducting a good supervision session.


We will also look at how you can deal with difficult situations and saying goodbye to volunteers.

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