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PLACETALK is a new project delivered by Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service (LCVS). LCVS, a local infrastructure organisation has worked across Lincolnshire for many years to support inequalities in local areas. Community Investment Funding to support this project was awarded to LCVS by the Theddlethorpe GDF Community Partnership. LCVS works as a volunteer brokerage service, helping organisations to recruit and support volunteers. Also, working with new and established groups to support with issues such as, volunteer management, governance, peer learning and funding. 

PLACETALK is an opportunity for the local community to have a voice and take collective action to benefit themselves, their families and the whole community. PLACETALK will gather 1,000+ conversations, in an informal way and sometimes in-depth, in various public spaces, information of the challenges, experiences and positives in the communities of Mablethorpe, Theddlethorpe and Withern.

These conversations will identify themes which will then be fed into and discussed in the PLACETALK Community Advisory Group made up of equal numbers of professionals working in the area as well as members of the public and used to encourage and empower local people to address the diverse nature and issues of neighbourhoods through the stories, experiences and phenomena that make each community unique, and connect into sources of support and additional resources to develop ideas and wishes for their community.

Questions will be asked such as

  •  “What do you like about your community?”

  • “What would you miss if it was no longer here?”

  •  “What would you like to see changed?

  • “Do you see a way this could be changed?”

  • “How do you think you could help with this?” 

  • “What do you hope to see in the future?”

By having these conversations and being heard it will empower residents and visitors to access asset-based community development through the PLACETALK model and enable local people to develop projects and explore issues on their terms. This will help community groups become more visible and connect them into community development networking, funding and training opportunities as well as making sure that the value of small community groups and start up groups is recognised, capacity is enhanced, and local ambition is shared more widely to raise aspiration and increase community cohesion.

For more information, please feel free to contact our PLACETALK team: 

Or to find out more press here. 

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