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Next Steps
In Recovery Service

Support for both Mental Health Illness and Substance Misuse 

Next Steps in Recovery Service

Next Steps in Recovery Service (NSRS) is a counselling/psychotherapy service that provides medium to long-term therapeutic support for those who identify as having a mental health and a substance misuse issue (dual diagnosis). Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service support people for up to six months with weekly sessions, either face to face, phone or on-line.

How to Refer

People can self-refer or be referred via a variety of agencies and organisations. We cover the county online and telephone and in specific areas for face to face sessions. To self-refer please fill in the form and email


Individuals can be at any stage of their recovery journey including actively using substances. A key element to positive client outcomes is a readiness to engage in therapy. Our ethos is to listen without judgement, to offer a high degree of confidentiality, and to take a trauma informed perspective.

Therapy Closeup


The philosophy behind NSRS is our belief that people can engage in, and benefit from counselling and psychotherapy whist using substances, as that is their ‘normal’. Historical policies that requires someone to become clean/sober before being offering talk therapy has led to a large number of individuals falling between the cracks, with problematic behaviours and coping mechanisms becoming deeply embedded (Black, DHSC, 2021). NSRS recognises this gap and is actively endeavouring to bridge it.


The NSRS project is funded by Public Health England.

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