Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service
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Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service (LCVS) is a charity working in a variety of ways to support the health wellbeing of communitiesindividuals.

We work with local groups & charities to provide practical, community based solutions to social & economic problems providing a forum for sharing information & knowledge. 

We work in Boston, East Lindsey, South Holland & South Kesteven, covering many rural, socially vulnerable and economically disadvantaged communities.


Our Registered Charity number is 1069356

If your organisation needs to DBS check volunteers or staff, Lincolnshire Community & Voluntary Service (LCVS) can help. Our DBS checks start from as little as £5.00. LCVS is a registered umbrella body for the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS).

We have officers local to you – in Boston, East Lindsey, South Holland &
South Kesteven – who can assist with your application.



Disclosure Class DBS Charge LCVS Administration Charge Total
Not-for-Profit/Charitable Organisations
Volunteer Standard £0.00 £5.00 £5.00
Employed Standard £23.00 £5.00 £28.00
Employed Enhanced £40.00 £5.00 £45.00
All Other Organisations
Volunteer Standard or Enhanced £0.00 £30.00 £30.00
Employed Standard £23.00 £30.00 £53.00
Employed Enhanced £40.00 £30.00 £70.00


To enable us to process the DBS check application, you must supply some identity documents and background information. All documents must be originals – copies will not be accepted. If an individual does not have an acceptable form of documentation they will be required to have an External Validation Check. This check has an additional administrative fee of £10.

Find details of the documents you will need and further guidelines here: DBS check documents